Melvins will be touring the U.S. with Unsane this Spring. Amrep is also putting together a tour 7" with the two bands covering each other. No word yet on how many will be pressed, check the Amrep bored for more details. Tour dates are below... 
Melvins/Unsane Split 7" Cover
Melvins/Unsane 2012 U.S. Tour Poster 
Amrep will also be doing a series of 12" records. The 13 record Sugar Daddy Splits series is the Melvins tracks from their Ipecac "Sugar Daddy" CD combined with bands they love from past, present, and future. Okay, maybe not future. Starting it off, COWS and the U-MEN!!! Pressing sizes will be a lot larger than recent projects, and way more affordable. But still slick as %$#@ Let the stupid questions that would've already been answered had some one bothered to read this far - BEGIN!

One song per side, 33 1/3 rpm 180 grain Splatter vinyl.
Silk screened print.
Price not yet set (likely in the $20ish range)
Release date - not yet set. 5-7 weeks estimated.
No subscriptions.
We can't list all the tracks now, but some are previously released material by defunct bands, and some new exclusive material from current bands. Other bands confirmed so far: Off, Fucked Up, Mudhoney, Butthole Surfers, Tweak Bird
Melvins/U-Men Split 7"
Decibel Magazine did a Q&A with Buzz and Dale. "I’m often surprised by why people expect us to do something normal they shouldn’t. There are lots of bands who are willing to do all kinds of normal things; people should not look to us to do that." - Buzz
The Melvins/Totimoshi split 7" that Volcom released is already sold out online, so eBay it is.
Melvins were featured and interviewed for the 'Grunge' episode of VH1's Metal Evolution series. You may not be able to watch it on VH1's site if you're outside of civilization.
Pelter  did an interview with Buzz in which we learn of the Great Garloo
The long-lived Melvins-L AOL Listserv group that was shut down when AOL got rid of the service has arisen like the proverbial phoenix at so join up if you're interested.
You can now buy the DVD of the documentary on Jared's old band KARP at - the film is getting positive reviews all around!
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