The Melvins have been and continue to be relentless in 2012 and will be releasing the 1983 EP in time for their upcoming Melvins Lite 50 states + DC in 51 days tour that is just around the corner. The EP is being released by AmRep and has original Melvins drummer Mike Dillard on drums along with Buzz on guitar and Dale on bass and bagpipes.


  1. Psycho-delic Haze
  2. Stick em Up Bitch
  3. Stump Farmers
  4. Walters Lips

Cheap CD's and Vinyl are being pressed as this is being typed and should be available in time for the U.S. Tour. They've also put the first track, Psycho-delic Haze on the youtube. 

Per AmRep: "At 6pm on Friday (7/27) some of the Sugar Daddy 12"s that had been held for box sets went up for sale. If you are holding out for the box set, don't. In a nut shell there are so many projects happening that this is either getting scrapped, or will be done in a very small hand done edition (i.e. manageable). SO this will be your chance to snag one you've missed. I'm sure you all know about the 2 10"s currently in the works (Bulls & 1983) as well new SD 12's (info below), there's also Freak Puke vinyl, and a TON of crazy singles following all that. Something has to get dropped, so... The next 2 Sugar Daddy's have left for the plant. ETA on release soon, but within 4-8 weeks likely. They are with Butthole Surfers and whats called "Midwest Hardcore" which has vintage tracks from each of Necros/Negative Approach/Die Kreuzen, all early tracks."

The Bulls & The Bees vinyl will have letterpress sleeves and is being printed now by Mackie!

Big Business announced their Wild Kingdom US Tour 2012, a few of the dates will coincide with the Melvins U.S. Tour. Additionally the Melvins and Tweak Bird announced that they'll be touring together for the majority of the 51 day Melvins-lite tour.

50 States + D.C. in 51 Days Record Breaker Fall U.S. Tour
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