AmRep has put the Freak Puke picture discs up for sale tonight! 300 of each design = 1500 total pressed. $30 Get yours while the gettin's good. All the details you need are below...

UPDATE: These have temporarily sold out online. They will be on sale via the dynamic Brian Walsby at the merch booth for the majority of dates for the remainder of the tour. Assuming some will be left over after the tour more will be made available online at a later date. Thus, I would advise against blowing your money on ebay for one of these unless you have no patience whatsoever.

Melvins "Freak Puke" LP (AMREP089) with 5 different picture disc designs by Gary Taxali, Tara McPherson, Skinner, Mackie Osborne & Dave Cooper.

Here's how it works. This LP is a picture disc. There are 5 different artists' art in the run we made and like a pack of baseball cards. YOU DON'T PICK WHICH DESIGN YOU GET.

These are all sealed in a normal 12" LP cardboard sleeve (as pictured). You won't know which design you have until you open it, so... YOU DON'T PICK WHICH DESIGN YOU GET.

The B-side image is the same on all the LPs, it's the LP jacket graphic, as pictured in the lower right on the picture of the collected designs & you guessed it... YOU DON'T PICK WHICH DESIGN YOU GET.

You can only order TWO LPs. That really does mean TWO LPs. If you order more we will dump/refund your ENTIRE order.

VEVO uploaded a pro-shot series of videos from a recent Melvins show, however they didn't post the exact date/location of the performance. Check it out!

Pirate Press posted an image of all the the vinyl variants AmRep is putting out for the 1983 and Bulls & The Bees releases. These are available from the band on their current U.S. tour and will likely be available online in limited quantities at some point in the near future. posted a good interview w/ Dale - "Buzz and I always have had a great relationship. We don't get in big fights like The Kinks. But you know, a lot of people just lose their minds. We're trying to lose our minds and that's why we're doing a 51 day tour. We're really trying to crack ourselves. That's what this is all about. We're trying to push ourselves to the limits of insanity."

Pitchfork premiered the new Big Business song Battlefields which is available on their new 7". It should be available on their website eventually, but if you want a copy immediately you may be in luck if you have a chance to check them out on their ongoing ODD MILK WING tour! Incidentally, they're currently touring with my fellow Minneapolitans, Gay Witch Abortion.

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