The Melvins are hanging in there and inching up on the halfway mark of their 51 day record breaking tour! As Buzz said in a recent interview with "Its going good! No one is dead, no one is in jail, and everyone is still on heroin." They've been keeping a tour diary at, make sure you stay up to date on all of the shenanigans and tomfoolery. Dale is also doing a bit of a tour blog for Tama's site. They're touring with Tweak Bird on most of these dates, and SPIN also put up a preview track from their upcoming album Undercover Crops which is endorsed by Dale Crover himself, can't do much better than that... Melvins have a lot of limited edition stuff at the merch table on this tour, including the Freak Puke picture discs, '1983' and 'The Bulls & the Bees' 10" records, and the newest in the Sugar Daddy 12" split series with Butthole Surfers and Die Kreuzen/Necros/Negative Approach. Speaking of which, those new Sugar Daddy splits should go up for sale on AmRep's site real soon so stay on your toes. Melvins also announced that they'll be playing in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve with Redd Kross. Tickets are on sale now, and it should be a real barn burner!

The Bulls & The Bees 10" - Letterpress Sleeve art by Mackie Osborne

While the Melvins were in the great city of Minneapolis playing Grumpy's some video was shot by a friend of forum!

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