ACT FAST, AmRep has posted a plethora of the recent limited Melvins releases for sale on their SHOXOP tonight! This includes the latest Sugar Daddy splits (Butthole Surfers & MWxHC), Freak Puke picture discs, The Bulls & the Bees and the 1983 10" records, and the 7" picture discs with Hammerhead. Also, if you're behind on what Amphetamine Reptile was back in its heyday you might want to pick up a copy of the AmRep Motors comp which includes the Melvins track Larry. A lot of this stuff may sell out tonight, you've been warned!

UPDATE: Everything sold out in a matter of a couple hours. I do know that you can still buy the Melvins/Hammerhead split picture disc from the artist Chris Mars directly. Melvins should also be getting restocked soon to sell more of some of these items on their tour as well, and the 5th 1983 EP cover variant is being held over for the New Years Eve show w/ Redd Kross.


The fifth release in this 13 volume series has Melvins "Kicking Machine" (live from Sugar Daddy LP) on the A-Side and Side One with tracks by 3 good ol' Midwestern Hardcore bands with Negative Approach ("Sick of Talk"), Die Kreuzen ("In School") & Necros ("IQ32").

The sixth release in this 13 volume series has Melvins "Eye Flys" (live from Sugar Daddy LP) on the A-Side and Side One by the legendary Butthole Surfers with the tracks, 'Pittsburgh to Lebanon", "No Rule" & "Gary Floyd."

Poster by Jeff LaChance

"We are well into this infernal tour and now it's dark. Well, it's not actually dark but that's what Frank Booth would say and I've been on a Blue Velvet bender as of late, meaning I've watched all or part of the movie Blue Velvet for the last eight nights. Best sex scenes ever put to film! I can't watch those parts without laughing my ass off and laughs are good on tour, they give you the strength to go about your day and make it easier to face life itself. I've been trying to talk Trevor into playing the song "Blue Velvet" in his solo but so far no luck. I still have half the tour to make it happen." - read more from the Melvins tour diary at SPIN

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