That's right, The Bride Screamed Murder.

With a title like that, you know the record has to be a stone groove. The Bride Screamed Murder was recorded in a couple of weeks somewhere in Los Angeles...I've been told the recording studio they used was within walking distance of a Starbucks. Where isn't? This marks the third recording in a row with the same band lineup, which is almost a new record without booting a band member! What gives?


The Melvins have been around for like 25 or 26 years and they've seen some heavy shit come down...And some of it was even music. They did five albums on indie labels before they got signed to Atlantic Records in 1993...I know it sounds like a crock but it's the truth. For once something in a Melvins bio is the truth. And AND..Atlantic actually released three Melvins records before dumping them. I guess that once the top brass at Atlantic finally got around to listening to what the albums they were paying for sounded like, they gave them the old heave ho!

Oh well...In almost no time at all it was on to greener pastures in the form of Ipecac Records where the Melvins have been putting out albums ever since. How many albums have they done on Ipecac? A shit load.

But, what do the Melvins sound like? They've been described as sounding like an explosion in a machine shop, a drum set falling down stairs, a wolverine and a trout in a blender, ice cream and pickles, talentless geeks and a several other flattering epithets. King Buzzo describes the Melvins music as "Captain Beefheart playing heavy metal." I guess that's a pretty good description.

The Melvins have also been through a shit load of band members, remarkably they still include founding member King Buzzo and almost founding member Dale Crover and they still have the Big Business guys Mr. Warren and Mr. Willis playing with them.

Here's what the boys think of their new album The Bride Screamed Murder.

King Buzzo says: "I like the record. And, for once, we didn't fuck it up. I mean it's fucked up and everything but we didn't 'fuck' it up...If you follow me."

Dale Crover: "It's good! They pretty much just woke me up to play drums or sing. I slept through the hard part of the mixing while lying on the couch with head phones on."

Mr. Warren: "I really dig my bass sound on this. It has a sort of 'up' quality I've always been looking for but never was able to achieve until now."

Mr. Willis: "I think the general public will really get this one for once. Dale said I was playing my drums like a king shit hillbilly hotshot...I guess that was a compliment."

Poster by Jason Goad

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