AmRep has announced that tomorrow morning around 9AM Central a number of new and limited Melvins vinyl releases will go on sale on SHOXOP and then likely sell out posthaste. The new splits in the ongoing Sugar Daddy split series with Mudhoney and Fucked Up will be available along with the 5th cover variant of the Melvins 1983 EP. In addition to those items, AmRep is releasing Hepa/Titus' new album Follow Me tomorrow morning as well. Hepa/Titus is former Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis' new band and the album is outstanding!
UPDATE(1/26/2013): As expected these releases sold out in about an hour. Some copies may still be available at upcoming tour dates in 2013.
On a related note, Tom Hazelmeyer, owner of Amphetamine Reptile Records was interviewed by an Israeli radio station recently. In the interview he touches on the way AmRep functions in its new era of mostly limited releases. Check out the interview HERE.


YouTube clips have been posted of the two tracks from the NYE split 12" with Redd Kross!

Decent Exposure Radio posted the audio of an interview they did with the band while they were in Allentown, PA for the 51/51 tour.

Tour Dates are starting to trickle in for 2013, in the meantime you can pretend you were at the San Francisco show last month and buy the Alan Forbes silkscreen poster from Secret Serpents!

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