Yesterday Rolling Stone premiered Brass Cupcake from the new Melvins collaboration album with Jeff Pinkus and Paul Leary of Butthole Surfers! Along with that, you can also download the first track on the album Bride of Crankenstein from Amazon & iTunes.

“Brass Cupcake is possibly my favorite track on Hold It In! We wrote this song with Pinkus and Paul in mind, once we knew this project was a go,” explained Dale Crover. “It’s our version of what we think pop music should sound like. Get ready to freak out!"

  1. Bride of Crankenstein 2:49
  2. You Can Make Me Wait 2:49
  3. Brass Cupcake 3:24
  4. Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit 4:22
  5. Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad 5:01
  6. Eyes on You 3:24
  7. Sesame Street Meat 3:28
  8. Nine Yards 2:29
  9. The Bunk Up 7:35
  10. I Get Along (Hollow Moon) 2:35
  11. Piss Pisstopherson 2:58
  12. House of Gasoline 12:11

Buzz is wrapping up down under and about to begin his European solo acoustic tour, be sure to check him out if he's in your area! This Machine Kills Artists is also now available on vinyl from Ipecac.

Poster art by Michael Hacker

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