It's time to stagger your way on down to the local sound peddler and pick up your copy of the latest Melvins masterpiece collaboration with JD Pinkus and Paul Leary, Hold It In officially hits record store shelves today thanks to our good friends at Ipecac!

"Hold It In's with the Butthole Surfers guys. It's completely different than what it would have been without those guys and it's a new step forward for us. I'm very happy about that. It's a dream come true." - Buzz

Tons of positive reviews have been coming out about the album. Simon Chandler of Tiny Mix Tapes had this to say in part: "’s with these infectious yet implicitly caustic outbursts that The Melvins, as well as Leary and Pinkus, re-situate themselves within the no-man’s land they’ve nearly always inhabited, where they’re too wily for straight-ahead rock and too knowingly brutal for straight-ahead pop. And even within this seamy hinterland, they can’t remain in any one place for too long, for fear of being pinned down and typecast. This means that in addition to the crushing psych-metal of “Sesame Street Meat” and the bubblegum steamrolling of “Brass Cupcake,” there’s also the swirly “Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit” and its ambient-cum-shoegazy hallucinations, as well as the barn-dancing psychobilly of “I Get Along (Hollow Moon),” in which reverb’d guitars and bit-dispersing electronics usher Leary’s half-drunken tale of perseverance in the face of adversity. It’s conceivable that with such a pathological fear of being identified as either X or Y The Melvins-Leary/Pinkus Connection would fall foul of tokenism and superficiality in their rush around various sub-genres, but it’s a testament to their chops that pretty much all the tracks on Hold It In hold interest in their own right, and not solely because they’re sandwiched between contrasts."

Guitar World recently did an interview with Buzz and Paul Leary: "It's a good cross-section of a lot of things we've done as well as some things we've never done. It's the first Melvins record I played on where I didn't write a majority of the material. That was a little different than what we normally do. Paul is also one of my favorite guitar players, and I've thought about doing something like this with him for a long time." - Buzz on Hold It In

A lot more good news about the long-rumored documentary about the Melvins has come to light recently! it's going to be titled The Colossus of Destiny - A Melvins Tale and they now have a website at Apparently they'll be doing a crowdfunding thing soon to get their project over the finish line so keep your eye on their site and facebook page for all the details! Check out their first teaser below:

Dale appeared on the Terrible Tuesday Radio Show on Radio Valencia to talk about Hold It In amongst other things. They also played some tracks off the new album. Along with Dale, Ryan and Bob the co-directors of The Collossus of Destiny were also on the show to talk about the project. You can download the podcast at or iTunes.

According to Golf Digest Buzz ranked 57th in the music industry with a 13.6 handicap, he's got Justin Bieber and Fred Durst beat, but apparently Alice Cooper has the advantage. Buzz also gave the Echo LA some golfing tips earlier this year.

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