The Mansruin album Electroretard is available for pre order at CDnow with the expected release date of 2.6.01, although it still says 1.29.01 on the mansruin website. "New Full length featuring the splendor and the Majesty of the world's mightiest band. Attempting to conjure up a series of superlatives for the MELVINS is a task which beggars the imagination...Man's Ruin can only say: You've tried the rest now rock with the best. Here's a collection of MELVINS evergreens and covers (WIPERS, PINK FLOYD, COWS) that have been reworked to fit the new millennium." The track listing is as follows. 1. Shit Storm 2. Youth Of America 3. Gluey Porch Treatment 4. Revolve 5. Missing 6. Lovely Butterflies 7. Tipping The Lion B 8. Interstellar Overdrive

Also the Ipecac releases that are coming up are a "limited edition Trilogy triple gatefold vinyl picture disc" the other is a rerelased Gluey Porch Treatments cd What I've heard is that gpt was completely remastered and that the cd would contain 29 tracks and that all extra tracks are demos. The expected release date for those is November 28, 2000. Someone uploaded the spit it out 7" on mp3 format you can find that on the MP3 page. Funny thing is the remaining 7"'s are being given away from amrep when you buy 100 bucks worth of stuff.

Also big news is that melvins and fantomas are playing a big new years eve show at Slim's in SF. "Tickets for Ipecac Recordings' 2nd annual New Years Eve Binge & Purge are on sale now!!!! For the next 2 weeks only you special friends of the website will be able to order!!! Here's how. 1) go to 2) select california-northern 3) select, view all virtuous events 4) at the bottom of the page select next until you see the listing for the Melvinsfantômas Big Band! 5) buy a damn ticket!!!!! only 666 tickets available."

Also in more tour related news the melvins are going to begin a european tour in march.."Hello Europe!!! Finally, the self proclaimed greatest band in the history of music attacks your shores! The Melvins Euro 2001 tour begins March 1st. Sorry, no idea when tickets go on sale, please call the venue. Additionally, the Ipecac distribution system in Europe should improve very soon thanks to our partnership with Southern Distribution. For tour dates check the tour section of this website."

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