Electroretard has been released by Mansruin records, I haven't received my copy yet but I've ordered it off their website. The track listing and other information can be found in the discography section.
The Melvins just played a date in Seattle(a review can be found here), they opened the show with a sampling of their new cd which will be coming out on Ipecac in April which is entitled Collossus of Destiny. Apparently this is a live cd which was recorded to Dat and included Adam Jones from Tool on guitar. Kevin said this of it "The music is "out in the tall weeds" as we like to say—that is, a tad abstract—live and vicious and then resolving into a light and fluffy version of Eye Flys. We were opening for ourselves, and played a loud, loud attack style music. The audience had their fingers in their ears, and couldn't leave because that wasn't allowed by the club. It went on for an hour and then evolved into our "normal " set. It was quite lovely. The promoter asked us not to do that set again, even though we sold the place out 2 nights in a row. We don't play there anymore thanks to their misplaced artistic guidance." credit to melvins.com the melvins official website for that info.
Once their european tour is over they'll be touring the U.S. again in support of that album, the tour dates are posted on the tour dates page(I beleive more dates are still to come). Also the new years eve melvinsfantomas show was recorded and may be released on ipecac as well, that's still up in the air.

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