A Walk With Love and Death, the first ever double album by the Melvins is officially out today on Ipecac! As previously mentioned when the album was announced, the release is split into two parts: "Death, a proper Melvins’ release and Love, the score to the Jesse Nieminen directed, self-produced short also titled A Walk With Love & Death" The album is also the first to include Steven McDonald handling the bass duties throughout, he previously appeared on Basses Loaded and you've hopefully seem him on tour with the band over the past year or so. Speaking of which, Melvins are out on the road in the U.S. at the moment supporting the new album and dates for both Europe and Australia for later in the year can be viewed below!

"I think it came out really good. The whole thing together is a really cool thing. Nobody else has done anything quite like it. When you're thinking of it in terms of film, what do you want it to do? We basically made one the way we want to do one -- it's nothing to be comfortable. If you add weirdness to it, it's going to be even more weird. We're big fans of stuff like Holy Mountain and David Lynch -- I’m a big movie fan, so I like all kinds of stuff." - Buzz via NBC San Diego

Utech Records recently announced that they'll be releasing an extremely limited cassette version of A Walk With Love and Death. 
MELVINS "A Walk With Love and Death" 2CS
Two goddamn tapes! One is a soundtrack!
Edition of 125 double cassettes presented in a side-by-side case with fold out insert and art by Mackie Osborne. Milwaukee Cassette Works edition for Melvins Mega Monster Hyper Limited.
Available at the Melvins live shows starting July 24 in Milwaukee, WI and online via Milwaukee Cassette Works, July 25 at 12 NOON CST.

Bash 17 is just around the corner and like years past AmRep has plenty of cool new limited edition vinyl coming out at the event. This includes the recently reissued solo albums from Boner Records, only these will have special linocut art by HAZE XXL along with pretty colored vinyl, and in addition to that a new Steven solo record will also be released! There will also be a compilation 10" that not only includes Melvins, but also Cherubs, Whores, Mudhoney, the Blind Shake, and Lydia Lunch!

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