The European tour began a couple days ago, I hope everyone over in that neck of the woods is enjoying the shows, I certainly can't wait to see them again this spring. I plan on going to the Chicago date. Melvins have alot going on right now with the tour, and the upcoming release of Colossus of Destiny. I emailed kevin before they went on tour and he said, "hey ... glad you liked etard ... yeah it came out ok ... nothing much going on right now........m. and the melvins is kinda on standby, but it WILL come out eventually... work on Tomahawk is coming along nicely........good group of people, and the music is really good, in my opinion..... much different than the melvins or fantomas.... basically just getting ready for tour........rehearsals and such ..... that's about it. "colossus of destiny" comes out i THINK in April ..... that's a weird one, but good and viscous take it easy, Kevin" m. and the melvins is the project being slowly worked on between the melvins and mike(from godheadsilo and enemymine). Anyways who knows when that's coming out but it should be good when it does. Also Fantomas just got done recording a cd which I guess is a collection of soundtrack covers.

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