The Melvins and HAZE XXL continue to 'Occupy' your pocketbooks with yet another amazing limited edition release. This is the AmRep version of the Endless Residency LP Boxset, and only 100 were produced, details below on why the Guggenheim will probably beat you to the punch in snagging one of these puppies.
"We've let HAZE XXL make an authorized edition of the Endless Residency box set for several art shows he has coming this spring. On this edition, there were only 100 made. They have been the most expensive project to make, that we've ever been part of, and that's not including the insane man hours, carving of art, and several cross country drives involved. They are EXPENSIVE ($500*). They are literally works of friggin' art. We talked him into selling a batch before hand. 20 will be for sale on Friday at 5pm. For those about to get your undies in a bunch, right around the same time we'll be releasing the ENTIRE 4 CD Endless Residency set as a $5 download, so those that just want the tunes are well taken care of."

Sets available at Friday at 5pm Central Time. The making of pix...  

*part of pricing reflects that the galleries will get a big slice of the pie, and you can bet your ass that we get a taste too! Shave off the copies the band members get, as well as some folks that helped us make this (like Obsolete Industries), and there's even less to go around.
Brian Walsby's latest Melvins t-shirt design is a real gem, and it's available for pre-order now on his website. Limited to only 300, so as your little league coach told you every practice until the day you quit, Get after it!!! 
"Up to this point; no one, but NO ONE has done what the Melvins have done and I’m pretty sure they’re still light years from being finished. They will go down in history as being one of the best rock bands anywhere. What they hadn’t done until about 2006 or so is enlist the help of a fourth member, which they now have. Enter co drummer Coady Willis. Now they have finally FINALLY entered the most important part of their career: having enough people to be a gang! With this all important news, we bring you our second MELVINS t-shirt, the tribute to the Baseball Furies! Can street gangs be power trios? Hell no. That is why this t-shirt is so great; I tie in the "band as a gang" thing as well as bringing the MELVINS' love of baseball into the picture. Now they can kick your ass, both musically and otherwise. You would have to be a fan of other more inferior sports to pass this awesome t-shirt up! We’ve gone all out with a 4 Color design for this puppy. We’ve also giving folks the option of ordering an XXL this time. Get it while we got it! Limited to 300."
All Tomorrow's Parties announced that Melvins will be playing their "I'll Be Your Mirror" event in London on May 25th, 2012 along with the inarguably best two bands that start with SL, Sleep and Slayer.
Radio Nova out of Norway interviewed Buzz and Dale and have posted the audio in two parts. Part 1 & Part 2  
Dale was quoted in the New York Times regarding the mini album being released in 2012 by a car company called Scion. "I am really glad that a company like this is interested in art, Mr. Crover said. It’s a way to continue doing what we do and make money doing it."
Dale Crover speaks to Tom and Si from Phonic FM before the Melvins last show of their 2011 European tour at the Bristol Thekla. 
This one sort of fell through the cracks and I'm late to share it, Serene Dominic Bad Hair Episode 9 features an interview with Dale & Coady. 
'Kill All Redneck Pricks' is a documentary about Jared's old band KARP and it is touring currently, check out their site for dates. 
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