The upcoming release from the melvins is scheduled to come out on April 16th, 2001. It's titled H.A.T. which stands for Hostile Ambient Takeover. I've heard from inside sources that it's going to be their best release to date, a cross between the maggot and the bootlicker, very drum heavy. The artwork is done by Buzz's wife Mackie. At the new years eve show they played four or five songs which will be on the album. As well as this release Ipecac is finally putting out the new years 2000 MelvinsFantomas Bigband show in April. Here's the low down:
FantômasMelvins Big Band
(release date April 2 2002 - Ipecac's 3rd Birthday!!!!)
1) Good Morning Slaves
2) Night Goat
3) The Omen
4) Cholo Charlie
5) White Men are the Vermin of the Earth
6) Terprurlative Guns & Drugs
7) Ol' Black Stooges
8) Ripping Chicken Meat
9) The Bit
10) Musthing with the Phunts
11) Me and the Flamer
12) She's A Puker
13) The Turkey Doctor
14) Hooch
15) Mombius Hibachi
16) Liquorton Gooksburg
17) Skin Horse
18) Cape Fear

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