Ok, insiders, here is the scoop! The upcoming 7 - Melvins 7 inch singles will be a very limited edition and VERY hard to find. But our friends at Midheaven have the answer! Starting....... now you can preorder these singles. To do so you must send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Let them know which singles you are interested in and they will get your payment - shipping information. Do not worry that you don't see the singles on their site, they will have 500 of each! Please remeber to be patient. This is a new system we are trying, also keep in mind there are only 2500 of each of these singles so e-mail soon! The singles are for each of the songs that appeared on HOSTILE AMBIENT TAKEOVER. The b-side to each single is a cover.

The singles will be realeased like this: January 28 IPC 21 Melvins – Black Stooges/ Foaming fast version(Melvins) 7” IPC 22 Melvins – Dr. Geek/Return of Spiders(Alice Cooper) 7” February 11 IPC 23 Melvins – Little Judas Chongo/Jerkin' Krokus(Mott the Hoople) 7” IPC 24 Melvins – The Fool, The Meddling Idiot/Promise Me(the Gun Club) 7” February 25 IPC 25 Melvins – Brain Center at Whipples/Today Your Love,Tomorrow the World (Ramones) 7” IPC 26 Melvins – Foaming/Arny(Warlock Pinchers) 7” March 11 IPC 27 Melvins – The Anti-vermin Seed/Antivermin part 2(Melvins) 7” In other Melvins news look in the calendar section for a mini California tour and finally the reissue of the very first official Melvins release, now retitled 26 SONGS, loaded with extra demos and goodies due in March.

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