The Cameron Jamie film BB, which is an 18 minute film involving Backyard Wrestling, is being played at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis right now up until May 4th. The soundtrack to this film is Hung Bunny/Roman Bird Dog from the Melvins Lysol(self-titled) cd.

B B(2000) was filmed after a long investigation of the backyard wrestling phenomenon in southern California. For two years Jamie followed groups of kids in the San Fernando Valley, shooting videos, going to their wrestling shows, and integrating himself into this community. The film itself was shot with two Super-8 cameras and is superimposed with the timeless, demented, slow, and forceful music of the Melvins. The combination of the slow-motion, black-and-white images with this music creates a dreamlike state that reinforces a nightmare quality. The challenge of such a project was to avoid an exploitative relationship to its topic. Jamie is not interested in authoring "arty white-trash chic," or in depicting violence in a traditional documentary way. The dreamlike form of the film takes the documentary format to another level, to what he calls a "purgatory state of being," a middle ground that, in his view, is perfectly embodied in the notion of suburbs. Go here for more info on the event. 

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