26 songs released today! Here we are in 2003 and it's become obvious that we need to clear up a few things about the Melvins. 1. Remember, when some son-of-a-bitch sells you something, expect the goddamn thing to work. 2. The Melvins are NOT a "trick on music". Got It? It hasn't been a year since the last bona fide Melvins album but nonetheless, slated for release is yet another album... However, this here new one is actually a RE-release of the classic Melvins record "10 songs". Of course the NEW one has a NEW super deluxe cover and has been expanded to 26 songs. That's 16 more than the original! The record even includes a secret recording of one of their hometown buddies out of his mind on Angel Dust. This added historical window should fully explain their origin and current message in a way never before captured on record. Even if this reissue is 16 years old you can rest assured this record is up to date! If you get this record you can know there is nothin' or nobody ahead of you. Nobody knows nothin' that you don't know. All the cards are on the table friends and that's a fact! Dang! It's been damn near 20 years since these Melvins started and they still have yet to find the common decency to die or break up. The core-band of King Buzzo and Dale remains intact and they've had the same bass player since 1998! Hailing from the Minneapolis Cows is pioneering slide bass pervert Kevin "Rutmanis". The Melvins proclaim this lineup the definitive whatever you want to call it of whatever it is they think they do. Nothing should be denied them forever more. Don't try to twist around or screw up this last one, it's a lot easier to just surrender and let the good times roll. After all, the Japanese and the Germans surrendered and look at them now. One things for sure don't listen to anyone about anything. The masses and the media don't know shit. Have no fear, the Melvins and Ipecac know what they are doing. Just sit back and let these guys do the driving. Too many know nothing know it all music critics, humorless tire iron wielding troglodytes and internet weed heads spoil the broth.

1. Easy As It Was       
2. Now A Limo       
3. Grinding Process       
4. #2 Pencil       
5. At A Crawl       
6. Disinvite       
7. Snake Appeal       
8. Show Off Your Red Hands       
9. Over From Underground       
10. Crayfish       
11. Easy As It Was       
12. Now A Limo       
13. Griding Process       
14. At A Crawl       
15. Disinvite       
16. Snake Appeal       
17. Set Me Straight       
18. Show Off Your Red Hands       
19. #2 Pencil       
20. Grinding Process       
21. Snake Appeal       
22. At A Crawl       
23. Operation Blessing       
24. Breakfast On The Fly       
25. Ever Since My Accident       
26. "Hugh"

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