from * Mangled Demos From 1983 * CD * Ipecac Records * IPC-63

15 trks, 44 mins. No way! This is the very first time these demos have ever been released and they sound as raw & vital as they did back then, feat. the 1st Mike, Matt, Buzz lineup.

It is to be released in the U.S. on May 31st according to This stuff has only been available in bootleg form at this point, here.



Here's an update from pitchforkmedia including the tracklist:The new CD features several songs whose titles got lost somewhere in the last 22 years; rather than making up new ones, the Melvins appear to have assigned them little graphical doodles, which makes the following tracklist a bit of a bitch to reprint. Meanwhile, some songs are included twice, and others run together, producing a total of 18 tracks that, in some abstract sense, look like this:

01 Elks Lodge Christmas Broadcast
02 If You Get Bored - live radio
03 Forgotten Principles
04 Snake Appeal
05 [flower]
06 If You Get Bored
07 Set Me Straight
08 [communist star]
09 I'm Dry
10 Forgotten Principles
11 I Don't Know
12 Matt-Alec
13 The REAL You
14 Run Around
15 Keep Away From Me
16 [clover]
17 Bibulous Confabulation (during rehearsal)
18 [iron cross]
19 [pencil]
20 Matt-Alec
21 "Walter"
22 [broken scissors]
23 [airplane]

Also remember Fantômas' "Suspended Animation" came out today.

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