from The year was 1983 — the here and now was bleak, but the future itself was strangely hopeful and promising thanks to some fervent pot smokin’ and a 12 pack of Old English. Three high school classmates in Gray’s Harbor, WA would soon bond over the thrill of getting smashed and making music. Along with the spirit of youth and the growth of punk rock by their side, it was destined they would someday belt out some kick ass tunes, and call themselves the Melvins.



Recorded during the birth of 80’s hardcore, the Melvins’ Mangled Demos from 1983 will sit nicely next to your old Bad Brains and Corrosion of Conformity albums. There’s some of that classic rockin’ sludge we’ve grown to know and love (including a pre-Dale Crover version of "Set Me Straight"), but it’s the fast, raw and hopeful ferocity of a time when hardcore was brewing, that really makes this release such a gem. While the Melvins were never considered a punk band, and much less a hardcore band, they still managed to squish their way into such fan bases over the past twenty years. So, the argument of roots, influences, attitude and credibility were really never a question. It is only now for the first time, however, that we hear just when and how all those delightful ideas first kicked into high gear. The only archive in existence featuring the original Melvins line up, Mangled Demos from 1983 is made of the finest ingredients: youth, beer, weed and small town angst. It rocks and kicks our asses, recollecting an era of anger and optimism. And while it remains a diamond in the rough, would we really expect anything less from some dudes stuck in "a nasty dull rainy dark hell hole filled with dumb redneck simpletons" some twenty years ago? Ugly times breed beautiful music, and Mangled Demos from 1983 is genuine proof.



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