Apparently this is more than gossip now at this point, found originally on the southern lord bbs by Peter:
" can congratulate Big Business on their big news, as the local noisy metal duo have been absorbed into the Melvins lineup for a West Coast tour at the end of this summer. That means not only will our own Jared Warren and Coady Willis be opening for the great brain-frying icons, they'll also be playing as part of the band's lineup. Willis tells me the Melvins are in the process of crafting a monster drum kit so he and Dale Crover can create those big-bottomed beats in tandem."

Taken from The Stranger here in Seattle from live gossip column.
Big Business
has an album out on Hydrahead records right now. If you're not familiar with them, Jared is from Karp/The Whip and Coady is from Dead Low Tide/Murder City Devils. They also opened for the Melvins on their 20th anniversary show in Seattle.

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