Alternative Tentacles has released the vinyls of the Mangled Demos and Pigs of the Roman Empire:
Pigs of the Roman Empire - virus336 (2005) 2xLP - $14.00 Pigs of the Roman Empire is The Melvin's upteenth and newest release, a joint venture with LUSTMORD (a.k.a. Hollywood sound designer Brian Williams). The Melvins bring over two decades worth of seethingly toxic guitar sludge. Be forewarned: this is a 180-degree turn from our Jello Biafra w/ The Melvins record: ambient soundscapes, sonic bludgeoning, and unforced cruelty reign over this empire!

Shockingly, even The Melvins and Lustmord themselves were blown away by the overabundant orginality this dynamic pairing created. If they were in awe, imagine how your funky little mind will be blown beyond repair! This is a double LP Gatefold Pressing of "Pigs of the Roman Empire" with picture sleeves and includes a bonus track not found on the CD! This is a limited edition one time pressing! Not available in stores until August 23, 2005.

Mangled Demos from 1983 - virus337 (2005) 2xLP - $14.00 As the title suggests, this is an unreleased collection of Melvins demos from 1983- the only document of the orginal lineup with Buzz Osborne, Mike Dillard, and Matt Lukin. Three years before their official debut, the three who were in high school scraped up a few hundred dollars and cut a demo at an Olympia, WA studio. While this doesn't have the musical chops of the Melvins we know today, it embodies their youthful frustration of being prisioner in a small town and the potential fuled by that boiling rancor, which eventually bloomed into one of the most insanely creative, uncompromising bands today. The hilarious liner notes by Buzz detainling not the recoridng process, which he claims he's forgotten, but the fucked up lives they led in their hopeless town and the characters who populated it. This 2x10" is a limited edition one time pressing! Get it now!

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Also Trevor Dunn will be wielding the bass with Buzz and Dale on Oct. 4th in London when they perform the complete Houdini album for All Tomorrow's Parties "Don't Look Back" thing.

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