So it appears as though Sieg Howdy will be released on the 27th of September, I'm still not sure what the tracklist is going to be. It's being presold for 9.79 on cduniverse but 14.99 on amazon. Also the melvins and jello will be playing on Oct. 25th in Washington D.C. at the Black Cat, not sure if this indicates a full blown tour in the U.S. The news trickles in quite slowly in melvins world, especially when you are too lazy to prod people for information. Here's the album art: 

Other than that, let's see....
The word is that the rehearsals with Big Business have been going well.

And then interestingly enough the record label Hour Earth which is ran by a guy that frequents this site's bbs has put out a couple cd's by other people that frequent the bbs.

Also, my thoughts are with those affected by the Hurricane down south, I have family down there myself.

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