It looks like the Live Houdini album will be coming out on May 16th. I'm not sure which performance date this recording is from, I'll update the news once someone tells me. 


Here is Buzz's message about the release and the near future of the band from
Hello you magnificent Melvin music loving sons-a-bitches! First off, to all you naysayers, apology accepted, now don't let it happen again.

We here in the Melvin camp like to pretend the world is a right place. Surprisingly the Melvins are alive and well and not dead so what the hell, right? We have a lot planned for the next year so relax and sit quietly, as far as you know, more will soon be revealed.

Well of course it's 2006 and as usual the seemingly tireless Melvins have yet another brand "new" CD. Big surprise. This time, as a result of their strange work last year in Europe they've recorded a full length Houdini Live record entitled "A Live History of Gluttony and Lust", which is ready for a May release so put down your beer bongs and your crack pipes and get ready to dash out and buy two or three copies…or maybe twenty copies just in case. Amazingly the Melvins recruited the amazing bass master Trevor Dunn best known for his amazing work in the Trevor Dunn trio-convulsant, Mr. Bungle, Fantômas and a whole lot of headache inducing "music" with John Zorn. This is a thoroughly modernized live version of the 1993 "classic" Houdini record along with a few surprises tossed in for shits and giggles. Why not? Remember it's the nuts, it's effortless and it's just like the oil on Arrons beard and God forbid you forget this isn't bullshit, so don't worry.

The Melvins have been through a lot this last year, wars, drugs, impeachment but they never lost sight of what was important AND what was festering in their bowels. As usual the Melvins have "started over" with, two count em TWO, new members: Coady and Jarod from the band Big Business. This will be super colossal and totally beyond reason. We can't even believe it's happening, but believe it or not it's becoming more and more believable. No shit man!

Conniption fit.

And another thing, we're tired of the "in" crowd fucking with us so knock it off. If you're a do-gooder or a player or a weed-head or a dog beater or a swinger do us a favor and keep your opinions and your good vibes to yourself. Tell us what YOU are doing and not what you think WE should be doing. Got it? I didn't think so.

- Buzz Osborne

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