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"Someday" - 3:21

Originally by Flipper from their 1990 album, American Grafishy.

Melvins version appeared on Love Canal/Someday, 1990.

Also appears on the bootleg compilation LEECH - (bootleg compilation).


I'm all alone in my room
I'm sitting here by the shelf
I see the mirror on the wall
The things I do are not for my health
I live alone with my fears darker than any night
A fear so real I might die from fright

Someday (x2)

So I reach for my death, yes it's the ultimate one
The needle shines sharp deep gleam into my skin
I feel the relief, I lose all the pain
And when I open my eyes it comes back right again
I start to scream deep from inside
But all that noise just won't seem to hide the fact that

Someday (x2)

So here I sit the bliss lost once again
My eyes catch glimpses images once known as sin
I gather strength to look outside
I see the lives of friends, that tried to hide
But now they're gone and what they did
So I pray to no god absolve me of no sin
I see your smile, it warms my soul
Reassuring me we're not the next to go

Someday (x5)

I've been working out, without a doubt
Know working is all about

Someday (x3)