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front cover

Barbaraal 2 Comic/Live 7" - released 1997

  • Barbaraal 7" black wax
    • Edition of 1200

Barbaraal is a 48 page comic drawn & written by Dutch artiste Barbara Stok and translated into English by Alicia Stevens. This issue came out in early 97 and included a live Melvins 7" recorded in Groningen, Holland, at the Vera Club, with full permission from the band. In the comic you can read how Barbara finds out about the Melvins & how her love for them grows. The comic was first published in Dutch with a white and blue cover.

Track Listing

Both sides are listed as untitled #1 & #2 for some reason.

  • A Side
  1. June Bug (live)
  • B Side
  1. Noise (live)


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