I Can't Shake It

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"I Can't Shake It" (Brewster, Neeson, Brewster) originally by The Angels.

Melvins version appeared on I Can't Shake It/Some Girls, 1998.


Young man in Morocco

Buys a diamond ring

Takes it across the water

Just to see what luck it brings

Young girl dressed in midnight

Sets his blood on fire

You can't buy my soul with gold

But my heart is up for hire

I can't shake it

Drivin' in your Fleetwood

To the sports of kings today

Top hat cane and ascot

That's the game you play

Jumpin' from a window

Shirt half off your back

Better take the elevator

And find another track

I can't shake it

I gotta a monkey on my back

And I just can't shake it

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