Melvins Tour Dates 2001

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Spring 2001 European Tour

Spring 2001 U.S. Tour

the bit/amazon/AMAZON/let it all be/Eyes flys/Anaconda/

Ballad of Dwight Fry/Halo of Flys/The Bit/Let It All Be/At a Crawl/ (Adam Jones of Tool joined them on stage for the last three songs and Dale played w/Tool during "Triad")/

Fant�masMelvins Big Band ??, CA -?? 12/31/01 Good Morning Slaves/Night Goat/The Omen/Cholo Charlie/White Men are the Vermin of the Earth/Terprurlative Guns & Drugs/Ol' Black Stooges/Ripping Chicken Meat/The Bit/Musthing with the Phunts/Me and the Flamer/She's A Puker/The Turkey Doctor/Hooch/Mombius Hibachi/Liquorton Gooksburg/Skin Horse/Cape Fear/