Exciting news! Buzz will be heading out on his very first solo, acoustic tour this February & March. The thirteen dates include an Austin performance at the Record Label Rummage Sale on March 13th as well as the free Scion AV Rock Show on February 26th in Los Angeles. 

“I’m looking forward to taking this show on the road!” Osborne added, “Solo acoustic is something I’d never thought I’d be doing. Maybe that’s why this will work!” 

In conjunction with the dates, a commemorative 10” titled 'This Machine Kills Artists' will be released via Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Rolling Stone has an article and the new track "Dark Brown Teeth" from Buzz streaming on their site:

Buzz has also been added as a speaker at South by Southwest alongside James Williamson of the Stooges on March 14th.

All the above dates go on-sale this Friday, Feb. 7


The A.V. Club asked Buzz to pick songs by bands that were good, but blew it: "Metallica is a good example, because when their first record came out, I thought, “Oh, wow! This is a nice breath of fresh air.” From the first time I saw the back cover, it was like, ‘Those guys are ugly!’ These guys aren’t winning any beauty contests. Clearasil could use that cover as an ad, and it was great. ... Now, I would like to take the band on that back cover of the Kill ’Em All album—I would like to take those guys and put them in a time machine and run them forward and make them sit through Some Kind Of Monster and say, “Guys! Do not let this happen!” You know what I mean? How could they not be appalled? They go from a song called “Whiplash” to a psychiatrist in the studio for $10,000 a week. Metal up your ass, indeed."

Guitar World let fans submit questions for Buzz: "I would advise you not to do drugs. But if you’re going to do it, I would advise you to go insane with it. The only thing worse than a drug user is a candy-ass drug user."

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