Check out the new music video for Hideous Woman from the recently released Basses Loaded album! This is a video that I think John Waters would approve, it was directed by David Hall and I would recommend you view it after your food has settled...

Screenings of The Colossus of Destiny - the new Melvins documentary have been announced for San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles in July and Minneapolis and Las Vegas in August. More to come. Check out their screenings page for details. To really stay up to date, keep an eye on their Facebook page if you've waded into the social media waters.

Team Rock recently published Buzz's list of his favorite Melvins albums, with a discography the size of the Melvins it'd be hard to find two fans with an identical list!

Big Business' new album Command Your Weather is coming out via Joyful Noise on July 8th. It's a good one and it's streaming early via Noisey! They're also in the midst of a tour, check the dates here.

Cover for the new art edition of the Houdini vinyl reissue, available first at the Prick Release Party in Minneapolis!
HAZE XXL linocut art design silk screened, based off the Frank Kozik original.

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