Amphetamine Reptile Records has announced that they'll be reissuing Electroretard on 3 different limited edition vinyl variants as well as CD. This album was originally released on Frank Kozik's Man's Ruin Records back in 2001. The reissue gets updated artwork by HAZE XXL. Head over to for the goods, the plan is a May 17th on-sale date. Bifocal Media is also going to be selling a limited edition t-shirt featuring Haze's new artwork. Tom Hazelmeyer was also recently interviewed on The Vinyl Guide podcast, he gives a lot of details on the limited run Melvins vinyl that he designs the art for and releases on his Amphetamine Reptile.

From AmRep: "When Electroretard came out on Man's Ruin in 2001 on CD, the original intent was a vinyl LP later on, but the label folded that year before it could happen. Flash forward nearly 2 decades & it became clear that this would be a perfect project for AmRep to reissue in that limited edition, fancy schmantz way of how we likes to do (not to mention, getting that shitty 2012 boot taste out of everyone's mouth.) The cover is designed by our very own HAZE XXL with really no connection to the original artwork. You could even say, he went bananas with it. Get it? Cause of the monkey. Ah, screw you, that joke is pure freakin' gold."

Electroretard Cover

Dale created a playlist on Apple Music: Dale Crover's Vaccination For The Pandemic Blues - "Take a deep breath and don't freak out! All you have to do is stay home and keep your hands clean. Doctor's orders! But what to do for the isolation, the boredom? Dr. Crover is here with the cure! Listen to my playlist and call me in the morning" - Dale Crover

Buzz also created his own playlist on Apple Music: King Buzzo's Apocalypse No

Dale guested on Dreamy, a catchy new tune by Kidbug. Check out the music video!

Metal Insider has a new interview with Dale, he has this advice for all those in COVID-19 isolation: “I’d say now is a good time to listen to every Melvins record ever. By the time you’re done this should be all over.”

For all those missing live MELVINS, Alabama Public Television's posted the full set from their October 2019 performance at Saturn in Birmingham, AL; watch it below.


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