Amphetamine Reptile Records has announced White Lazy Boy, a new four song Melvins / Mudhoney collaboration EP. They'll be releasing this on both limited edition and a larger factor printed run of vinyl as well as CD. Head on over to, CD's on sale June 8, limited vinyl July 5th. The EP features Buzz, Dale, and Steven along with Mark Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney. The collaboration was hinted at back in back in March, the EP includes two originals plus covers of Black Flag's "My War" and Neil Young/Crazy Horse's "Drive Back". Brooklyn Vegan has a blog post detailing the new release along with streaming options. You can also get the t-shirt with HAZE XXL's artwork from Bifocal Media.

From Amrep: "Well, well. It looks like we've got some new material here that we're pretty excited about. (The) Melvins have a new 4-track album & what's this, Mudhoney is joining them too? Artwork by HAZE XXL with none other than Mr. Hughes in the prime of his life. No doubt living the life in the Desert Inn, trying to think of a movie better than Ice Station Zebra. Bet you're now trying to think of one too. Guess what buster, you can't! That thing is a @*%&#-ing masterpiece! And say what you will about Howard, but he was saving his urine in jars WAY before it was cool."

Track Listing: 

  • My War
  • Walking Crazy
  • Ten Minute Visitation
  • Drive Back

Melvins have new facemasks for sale on their online merch shop as well as a really cool Skateboard bundle.

Dale put out Piso Mojado, a really cool lathe cut recorded on Joyful Noise recordings, it sold out in a very short period of time to their V.I.P. members, but they put up a trailer detailing the release. "The custom lathe-cut design features four distinct spindle-holes, and five corresponding songs. Each record is hand-made, and extremely limited."

Buzz did a video chat with Chris Enriquez of Spotlights for Revolver Mag and Saint Vitus Bar. It's worth a watch, he mentions that along with the new Mudhoney collab, they also have a collaboration with Helms Alee in the works, and a new Melvins 1983 release. He also said that AmRep will be releasing a vinyl of all the B-sides from the Hostile Ambient Takeover 7"s sometime soon.

Lydia Lunch has a podcast called The Lydian Spin and she recently chatted with Buzz.

Bass Magazine has a lockdown check-in article with Steven

American Songwriter talked to Buzz about his new solo album Gift of Sacrifice as well as the new collaboration with Mudhoney


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