Today is the official release date of Gift Of Sacrifice, the new solo album from King Buzzo w/ Trevor Dunn via Ipecac Records! The album is available on vinyl, CD, and digitally from Bandcamp. The limited edition pink vinyl is already sold out. Buzz had this to say about the album via "“Gift Of Sacrifice” is a lot more produced. We spent a lot more time on making synthesizer sounds, modular-synth stuff and noise-stuff. We didn’t do it on the first one. So we spent a lot of time on that. A lot more then people might think. And just see the addition of the bass. Stand up bass changed the dynamics of the album in a way I couldn’t even dream of. But in a way, I’m extremely happy about. Trevor Dunn is a fantastic player. I had the songs! Most of them were recorded already. And he just added bass to after the fact. So the only thing I told him to do is “to overplay”. As much as he can on these. With the idea that he’s probably not going to overplay. But he’s gonna feel that he’s free to do whatever he wants. And that’s kind of how I wanted it do go."


Spin has an article about the new album: “What we do as artists is try to provide the people of the world with something they don’t get in their normal lives,” Osborne says. “That’s my whole entire existence. That’s what I do. And I charge into that with way more enthusiasm and way more gusto than I would for a 40-hour-a-week job.” - Buzz

Revolver's Age of Quarantine posted a video interview with Buzz recently. The interview was conducted by Chris Enriquez of recent Melvins tourmates Spotlights.

Buzz was recently a guest on Spectrum Culture's podcast Enjoy Your Life, they talked about golf, dogs, and guitars amongst other things.

Episode 195 of Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal features both Buzz and Trevor, they of course discuss their new collaboration Gift Of Sacrifice in detail.

Buzz continued to make the podcast rounds with an appearance on Consequence of Sound's podcast. "Buzz Osborne gives Kyle Meredith a call about Gift of Sacrifice, his new King Buzzo album with oft-collaborator Trevor Dunn. The Melvins frontman talks about working with an acoustic bass, a modular synth, and his ever-growing alternate tunings. Osborne also discusses the ever-looming influence of Miles Davis on his writing, how The Melvins continue to be underestimated, dealing with bad criticism. Towards the end, he dives deep into his philosophies on science, evolution, and religion."

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