AmRep has announced they'll be releasing Mullet, a Melvins 1983 EP in the upcoming weeks! The EP will be released on 3 different limited edition vinyl variants as well as CD on SHOXOP. Bifocal Media also has a schnazzy long sleeve t-shirt with HAZE XXL's artwork on it. For those that aren't aware, Melvins 1983 consists of Buzz, Dale on bass guitar, and the original Melvins drummer Mike Dillard. Check out the track Bouncing Rick from the EP below!

"It has a 403 4bbl V8, Cragers and a Pioneer cassette deck...Er wait. It's actually a Melvins 1983 10" and she's chuggin' her way down a backwoods dirt road to you! It's like Bullitt, except the star of this early-80's B-movie is a sleazebag who can't drive for shit and spends his time stoned at a Dairy Queen, hitting on teenage girls...MULLET."

 Mullet EP Track listing:

  • Fuck Around
  • Bouncing Rick
  • Caddy Daddy
  • Horse Faced Goon

 Melvins recently did a quick track for the credits of a Tigtone episode "Tigtone and Lord Festus: Credible Threat", the track is titled The Magic Inside You

Brian Walsby's new book Self Empunishment which features quite a bit of Melvins content is out now, you should definitely check it out.

Melvins 1983 Mullet EP via Amphetamine Reptile Records, artwork by HAZE XXL

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