Melvins TV Volume 2: Divine Monkeyshines Valentine's Day Special is coming on February 14th! 5 songs plus band interviews and other crazy stuff just like last time on New Year's Eve! The Dale Crover Band will open. Two brand new shirts and a poster designed by HAZE XXL are also available with the purchase of this event.  Only $5 at 

If you're on the fence, you probably didn't check out Volume 1. Ghost Cult has a great review of the stream, take it from them!

For a limited time you can also pick up the merch that was designed for the New Years Evil stream over at

Working With God, the new album from Melvins is due to come out in a little over a month, February 26th. Ipecac recently debuted two new songs from the album The Great Good Place and Caddy Daddy, check 'em out!

Loudwire has a great new video of Buzz playing some of his favorite riffs and expounding on the various guitar tunings he utilizes.

Poster art by HAZE XXL

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