Today Ipecac announced vinyl reissues of the three Big Business era lineup full lengths. I know fans have been waiting a long time for vinyl reissues of these recent classics! Bride Screamed Murder had previously only been released by AmRep in limited Art edition quantities, and the same was the case for the original 4 single sided (A) Senile Animal release that HydraHead Records put out at the time.

Reminder: Melvins TV Volume 3: MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! starts tomorrow at 3PM eastern and stays up for a week! Over an hour of music, deep philosophy and stupid stunts!

More from the label:
Making our way through the (the) Melvins catalog and bringing back the "Big Business line-up" releases on vinyl for your collections on June 25th!
(A) SENILE ANIMAL - Sea Blue 2LP gatefold set, cut at 45rpm. Plus a limited edition Aqua Blue Splatter
NUDE WITH BOOTS - Apple Red LP. Plus a limited edition Red w/ Black Splatter
THE BRIDE SCREAMED MURDER - Apple Red LP. Plus a limited edition Tri-Color Red/Pink/White
All come with a 12 page booklet with expanded art from Mackie Osborne
Regular vinyl available at stores everywhere, but the limited editions (500 each worldwide) are only in our Blixt & Townsend webstores

In case you missed it on Facebook, check out the April Fool's Day tease of an all bass album THUD!

Bifocal Media even has a special limited to 100 T-Shirt featuring the original HAZE XXL cover art to memorialize what is sure to become another Melvins classic!

April 1st Melvins announce new all-bass lineup/record.

30 albums deep into a career of bottom-heavy surrealistic sludge, the Melvins are leaning into their lower frequency proclivities with the announcement of their new album “THUD!,” set to drop this weekend as an ultra-limited vinyl edition on Amphetamine Reptile Records with artwork by HAZE XXL.

The full length release bears the first fruit of a newly-minted all-bassist lineup, something that Buzz Osborne says was inevitable: “Over the years Dale and I have played so many ear-splitting live shows, it’s sheared the higher frequencies out of our hearing range. I’ve been writing songs for 5 years now that I can’t even hear. It’s mostly just by feeling the vibrations these days. Writing exclusively for basses gives us a chance to actually listen to what we’ve done”

Dale Crover says that he wanted to retain his percussive identity for the record, and studied slap-bass techniques for weeks on end: “Thank Christ for Flea.”

In addition to the core lineup, the record features recent bass-mongers Steven McDonald, Trevor Dunn and Jeff Pinkus, with a special noise bass solo emailed in from former bassist Kevin Rutmanis.

Osborne says that the biggest challenge was writing songs where listeners could differentiate the parts from each other: “By the time we were ready for Toshi to hit the record button, my strings were so loose that they were literally falling off of my bass if I strummed too hard. This is the most brown-note-laden album ever recorded.”

Artwork by HAZE XXL

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