Melvins recently recorded a cover of Soundgarden's song "Spoonman" with Dale and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc) on double-drum duty and Steven McDonald on bass, recorded by Toshi Kasai. Check out the official video by Jesse Nieminen. The track is also featured on their new Lord Of The Flies EP. Share it far and wide! 


The band has also announced a Re-Run of MELVINS TV Season One! Celebrate the return of Melvins TV and pretend you saw it the first time around by grabbing some of the few remaining leftover Melvins TV goodies at their Blixt shop.
MELVINS TV is back on ! This time in full-color RE-RUNS like all of the best shows in history! Catch all 3.5 episodes,  featuring live in-studio performances of Melvins songs plus exciting opening acts, exclusive band interviews and extremely bizarre antics. If you missed it on the first run, here is the chance to redeem your sorry life. Starting NOW and running through February 2 - Groundhog day. Only $10 for nearly 4 hours of mind-melting entertainment.


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