With the band getting ready to kick off their Five Legged Tour in a couple weeks they've dropped more news of their next LP 'Bad Mood Rising' which is racing towards release in Sept. (exact date will be posted here soon). In the meantime there's some limited edition art versions of the LP that are going to be available on Sunday (Aug 21) via SHOXOP. HAZE XXL collaborated with the ASTOUNDING Chris Mars for the cover art. Mackie has whipped up some great art for the regular release version, which will be available to stores and mail-order in both LP & CD! They'll be unveiling the Mackie art soon. 

Bad Mood Rising tracklist:

Mister Dog is Totally Right
Never Say You're Sorry
My Discomfort is Radiant
It Won't Or It Might
The Receiver and The Empire State

The best part about a new Melvins album is that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. THAT’S the genius of these guys! With Bad Mood Rising it’s a tuned down rock and roll nightmare.
BIG riffs and scary vocals.
The album starts with Mr. Dog is Totally Right which clocks in at over 12 minutes. This song also features guest guitarist Dylan Carlson from the world famous band, Earth.
What a treat!!
From there it goes into Never Say You’re Sorry. It sounds like the way a big mean dog walks.
Great fun!
The rest of the album rounds out nicely. Hammering might be one of the catchiest songs the Melvins have ever written.
Bad Mood Rising-The newest Melvins album.
The cover artwork, is collaboration between legendary artist & former Replacements drummer Chris Mars & Amphetamine Reptile's own HAZE XXL. First, Chris started out the piece by designing & drawing the art directly onto a linoleum block then HAZE took over, meticulously carving the block & printing each one by hand.
Then they were scanned & that's where Boxy Mouse took things over where he turned those into silkscreens, printing them on our standard thick tan chipboard. The back of the sleeve was entirely designed by HAZE, is hand-stamped with the edition # & is limited to 200 copies of each of the 3 editions.
BAD MOOD BLUE EDITION-The vinyl on this edition is semi-translucent white with a clear blue blob in a vague free-form flower-like pattern emanating from the center with heavy opaque black streaks splattered throughout. Front & back of the sleeve is in blue ink on this variant.
BLOOD ORANGE EDITION- Vinyl on this one is opaque red containing black splatters as an edge eclipse & a hourglass-shaped middle section in opaque orange. Front & back of the sleeve is in orange ink on this variant.
MOLDY MINT EDITION- Vinyl on this edition is semi-translucent Coke-bottle green base with neon pinkish red splatters throughout. Front & back of the sleeve is in mint green ink on this variant.

Buzz recently shared a snap of his forthcoming photography book on his Instagram page. More details to come on the book once an on sale date is announced!

Dale has a 10" in the works with Clem Burke of Blondie and Glen Matlock of Sex Pistols fame. They cover a couple Small Faces tunes. Consequence premiered the video for 'Song of a Baker'. “Song of a Baker,” alongside a cover of the Small Faces deep cut “Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass,” will be available soon on limited-edition 10-inch vinyl from Amphetamine Reptile Records over at shoxop, and digitally via Cabbage ‘N Mash’s Bandcamp page.

Check out a recent interview with Buzz from Loudwire where he talks about the bands latest and upcoming happenings plus his love of Golf.

Both Buzz and Kevin Rutmanis contributed to the new Mr. Phylzzz album Cancel Culture Club, you can pick up the CD over at shoxop.


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