The new MELVINS album Bad Mood Rising is officially released and can already be found at top tier local record stores! It'll be available at the merch table on the Five Legged Tour which they are already about a week into. AmRep will also have an exclusive mail order splatter edition, those are slated to go on sale Tuesday(9/13) over at SHOXOP.COM. From the band: 'After slogging through the insanely clogged up pressing plant delays... IT'S HERE!!! Our full LP of all new material "BAD MOOD RISING"! We'll have exclusive orange vinyl copies on the current tour starting in Las Vegas(Sept. 12)'. Local record stores will be selling the standard black vinyl version, the tour and mailorder color vinyl variants are limited to a 500 ct. pressing each. Local record stores can hit up Think Indie Distribution to stock the LP and CD! A digital/streaming release is expected at a future date TBD. An extra bonus if you missed it in the previous news post is that Dylan Carlson of Earth fame contributed additional guitar on the album opener.

Bad Mood Rising cover art by Mackie Osborne

The band announced that Void Manes will be joining them for select dates in the East, check out the Tour Dates and start making your plans to get to the shows early for his set!

Bifocal Media has a new Melvins/Flipper shirt based on the HAZE XXL artwork for the Hot Fish collaboration EP from 2019.

Melvins friend/producer/engineer Toshi Kasai has a new album Based On True Stories on the way via Joyful Noise Recordings!

Black Donut Records is putting out a Melvins tribute LP entitled A Future of Bad Men, you can pre-order the vinyl over at their Bandcamp.

You can now stream the Melvins documentary The Colossus of Destiny: A Melvins Tale on Tubi


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