Amphetamine Reptile Records has announced a new/old Melvins release! The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know is the bands first 7" plus a re-recording of it to commemorate their 40th anniversary! The CD is available now via Shoxop with the vinyl soon to follow.

More details from HAZE XXL

So this year is the Fortieth Anniversary (1983-2023) of the Melvins. We’ve got a bunch of really cool weird assed releases planned for the year in celebration, but this one might be my favorite as for me it’s pretty much perfect. I swear. The Melvins first single DESTROYED when it came out. It was far meaner, more seething, structurally insane and pushed underground boundaries further than any of their Seattle peers of the era. I ain’t arguing with anyone on this point as I was there at the time. I personally remember it as a game changer and it seriously altered how I was personally approaching music at the time. So I asked Buzz about doing a re-issue of that material as part of this years commemorative releases. He didn't skip a beat and said “Yeah, and we’ll re-record that material too”. Genius. So the 12” is the songs from the 80’s and the flip-side is the same songs circa NOW. It’s a perfect reflection of the then/now of the band. Glorious. For me there’s times as an artist or musician when you KNOW you nailed it, and I gotta say I was pretty jazzed with art results hitting it square in the nuts for this, a high bar, as excited as I am about this release. It’s kinda the perfect culmination of our working relationship that has spanned damn near the full 40 years these creeps have been at it. Yeah yeah it's rooted in nostalgia neither the band or I usually have a lot of time for, but also showing the creative vitality us dinosaurs can still muster as we continue to indelicately stomp around.
Cheapie CD APR 9!
Silk Screened art vinyl mid to late APR
Factory Edition vinyl end of APR
  • Easy As It Was
  • Now A Limo
  • Grinding Process
  • At A Crawl
  • Disinvite
  • Snake Appeal

Here's a new one for you. It's also an old one. More on that in a minute. The Melvins have their 40th anniversary this year & we’ve got quite a few projects in the pipeline to celebrate & the first one is ready to go.
So here's the deal. 1 Album with 2 versions of the same songs. One half of it is the tracks from the sessions recorded in 1986 for the Melvins first 7" EP record. The other half is those same songs re-recorded in 2023, this time with Steven McDonald on bass. SHOXOP.COM

 Front Cover art by HAZE XXL
 Back Cover art by HAZE XXL
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