Tour dates on the west coast are popping up, a few of them are with mudhoney and one of them is the melvins 20th anniversary show apparently, check out the tour dates page for that info.

From Holy Moly! The Melvins are turning 20 in 2004 and are still packing a bigger and harder punch than nearly every band half their age. We closed our 2003 `We Worship The Melvins' festival here at Southern by trooping along to see our heroes perform a live soundtrack to three cutting edge independent films directed by the US artist Cameron Jamie. Huge sonic waves crashed across the venues, enveloping the audience before receding and leaving everyone gagging for more. And whats more, when the final film finished the Melvins launched into their Atlantic-period classic "Night Goat" causing your Southern team to nearly explode with excitement.

Adding to our Melvins excitement is the news that to celebrate their 20 years as the Kings of Sludge, Ipecac are to release a 224 page BOOK on the Melvins, featuring brand new artwork from friends, family and fans... and... a newly compiled CD featuring a track from each of their 18 albums! More "Night Goat" for me then! This piece of art will be available in March - just in time to commemorate the date of their first ever show. 

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