@POP Gallery presents

FUN HOUSE artshow-Curated by NIAGARA


February 7th-March 2nd, 2004.

"Like a street-walkin' cheetah with a heart full of napalm" Iggy and The Stooges are back but now are exploding on Detroit's ART Scene.

Ground Zero is CPOP Gallery, Sat Feb 7th. Iggy, the Godfather of Punk and his partners in crime, the Asheton brothers, have a new weapon in their arsenal: paintbrushes. Curated by Detroit's own High Priestess of Punk, Niagara.

Observes Mary Harrison, "It would appear to be the natural progression; now bringing Ron Asheton into the art scene since they had played together for years in Dark Carnival, exposing her to the music scene"

The Stooges FUNHOUSE Art show is expected to attract an international audience in it's 30 day run in Detroit. The show should hold more than a few surprises, everything from crude re-worked T.V. Guides to large colourful canvases depicting life from the perspective of the seminal Punk Rockers. The show is coinciding with the Stooges Reunion and world tour that has taken the rock world by storm.

Ron Asheton, lead guitar from The Stooges and Destroy All Monsters, wryly notes, "Some of this stuff isn't so hot and some of it's brilliant, I just don't know which is which."

Niagara had noticed, "For some time they had been painting whenever they could. I thought the time was right for a show...of a different type; paintings by musicians."

Also included in the show are pieces by Lou Reed, Joey & Dee Dee Ramone, Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), King Buzzo (The Melvins), Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO), Kembra Pfahler (The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black), John Holmstrom (PUNK Magazine), rock photos by Bob Gruen and Leni Sinclair, various other artists and live performances.

"I wanted the show in D etroit, being the Stooges home town. They are beloved here." added Niagara.

"It will also give our band an opportunity to get some recording done for our new album." says Asheton.


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