Tthe melvins book "neither here nor there" will be out on March 9th in the U.S. from The long anticipated Melvins 20th anniversary book NEITHER HERE NOR THERE comes out. This beautiful coffee table book includes a CD Melvins compilation available nowhere else. This book should be widely available. Sometime around March 9th we will be selling limited edition, autographed hardcover versions of this same book. Available only online at our webstore or if you catch the Melvins on the road on this mini US tour listed in the calendar section.

It will be 228 pages and will come with a compilation cd, here is the tracklisting:
1. Bar X The Rocking M
2. Night Goat
3. Hog Leg
4. The Fool The Meddling Idiot
5. Revolve
6. Colossus Of Destiny(clip)
7. Manky
8. Oven
9. With Teeth
10. If You Get Bored(from mangled demos)
11. Let It All Be
12. Boris
13. Forgotten Principles
14. Prick
15. Mombius Hibachi
16. At A Crawl
17. Hooch
18. Eyeflys


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