The melvins have updated their website with images of the new book in flash format, check out their website at also from HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MELVINS!!!!! March 9 1984-March 9 2004
The Melvins are on their mini tour tearing it up! The long anticipated, beautiful book, NEITHER HERE,NOR THERE is out tomorrow. Look for or ask for the paperback version at cool record or bookstores. Or order the super suave hardcover autographed version from our website for $65 starting tomorrow. The book is jammed with stories, photos and award winning artwork. Both versions include a Cd retrospective available nowhere else. A coffee table book unlike any other, documenting the self proclaimed greatest band in the history of music.

You can get to their store to buy that autographed book and also a new melvins shirt celebrating 20 years by going here all you have to do is choose melvins from the category menu.
Here is a review of the book that gives you a good idea of just what is in it.

Also the melvins next full length they're putting out later this year is also a collaboration of sorts with Lustmord, not much info on that as of yet.

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