Amphetaine Reptile Records did something really awesome this year, sorry it's taken me so long to mention it, better late than never i s'pose. So they put out three video comps called Dope, Guns, and Fucking Up Your Video Deck, well actually the third one didn't fuck it up it destroyed it but you get the idea. The great thing about these was that they put music videos together of bands that you'd certainly never see on the likes of MTV. They made it even more fun by having this guy they found on public access tv in minneapolis do these strange narrations between them, the first one was stylized as a sort of corporate video used to encourage investors. Anyways fast forward many years, amrep is no longer actually a fully functioning label although they do put out the occassional item. In this case they put out all three of those vhs comps plus a bunch of bonus videos on a DVD, Dope, Gun's, and Fucking Up Your Video Deck Vol. 1-3 1990-94. This DVD features the "Honey Bucket" and "Mombius Hibachi" videos along with 4 videos from Kevin's old band the Cows, plus obviously a ton more. Granted a lot of these videos seem pretty low budget when comparing them to major label bands' videos, but you have to keep in mind what type of budget these people were running on. The DVD is definitely a piece of history as it chronicles a lot of great bands going against the proverbial grain, for example Lubricated Goat's video "In The Raw" in which they are truly playing in the raw. Amrep has this for sale on their website for $25, you can order it from them here, or I'm sure you can find it at many other places online or at your local record store. They have tons of other stuff from their back catalogue available from their webstore as well, and it probably costs less than anywhere else.

Over THREE hours of digital AmRep action! All 3 original VHS comps plus 12 videos never released. The press kit says “From the mid 80-s through the mid 90's, Amphetamine Reptile Records defined the term "Underground." For blistering genre creating sounds, graphics and attitude, AmRep had no equal. Being far too raw for MTV, the label began what was then a first - the cheap self-published Video Compilation. Enlisting the insane "Dr. Sphincter", the "Dope, Guns..." video series documents a seminal movement in music history.”

Volume One: HELMET Bad Mood/ HELIOS CREED The Rant/ COWS Cartoon Corral/ VERTIGO Tonic Thing/ KING SNAKE ROOST Top End Killer/ GOD BULLIES Cemetary/TAR Les Paul Worries/ LUBRICATED GOAT In The Raw/ SURGERY Maliblues/ HALO OF FLIES No Time.

Volume Two: COWS Hitting The Wall/ HELIOS CREED I'm Your Spaceman/ SURGERY Little Debbie/ VERTIGO Smoked/BOSS HOG Commercial #1/TAR Goethe/ GOD BULLIES War On Everybody/ COSMIC PSYCHOS /Dead Roo/ BOSS HOG Commercial #2/ CROWS Crisper/ HELMET Black Top.

Volume Three: GUZZARD Last/ COWS Sugar Torch/ JANITOR JOE Boys In Blue/ BOSS HOG Hustler/ CHOKEBORE Coat/ HAMMERHEAD Double Negative/ COSMIC PSYCHOS Rain Gauge/ TODAY IS THE DAY 6 Dementia Satyr/ HELMET Unsung/ MELVINS Honey Bucket/ COWS Mine.

BONUS VIDS 1994 and later: UNSANE Scrape/ LOLLIPOP Slow Drip/ SERVOTRON People Mover/ COSMIC PSYCHOS Whip Me/ MELVINS Mobius Hiabatchi/ SUPERNOVA Math/ FREEDOM FIGHTERS Bad Back/ FEEDTIME Melody Line/ TODAY IS THE DAY Realization/ GNOMES OF ZURICH Bathe In Me/ CHOKEBORE "A Taste For Bitters/ UNSANE Alleged.

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