The Mansruin album tentatively titled "Electro Retard" has been pushed back to a release date of january 29th keep checking the website to see when it's available for preorder. Also the Ipecac releases that are coming up are a "limited edition Trilogy triple gatefold vinyl picture disc" the other is a rerelased Gluey Porch Treatments cd What I've heard is that gpt was completely remastered and that the cd would contain 29 tracks and that all extra tracks are demos. The expected release date for those is November 28, 2000. Melvins have a show coming up in San Francisco on the 10th of November. Also I guess Buzz is working in the studio on new Fantomas stuff now that the Mr. Bungle tour is over which is supposed to come out next year. Altamont is playing a couple shows in november they're on the tour dates page.

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