I talked to Kevin Rutmanis, I asked him what he was working on right now during the melvins off time and he said: Well, there's a new piano in my house, and a bass i had built for me just got here too (after a 3 month wait!) so i'm spending a lot of time working on and playing those 2 instruments....i'm always writing and noodling around, so that takes up a lot of the day.........next melvins cd will probably just be me playing beer barrell polkas on the piano with Dale and Buzz yodelling in their underwear. I also have another band called "gaswar" with paul erickson and jeff mooridian jr., the 2 guys from VAZ (they used to be in a band called Hammerhead). But since they live in Mpls., and i'm in LA, we havent been playing too much. We have a 3/4 finished cd in the can, which we are "shopping around".......which means it's sitting there collecting dust. I've also released a couple of things with David Livingstone, from the godbullies called "Teenage Larvae". We recently did some recording in Detroit, where he lives........we'll see what happens with that.

I also asked him about the upcoming Melvins releases and he said: Well, the plan right now is to try to finish the man's ruin thing in August when Buzz get's back from the Fantomas tour. We couldnt really get that one done in time cuz buzz got sick when we were in the studio, and his vocals woulda sounded like lumps of shit and snot hitting the mic, so we decided to postpone. The Mike and the Melvins cd is also mostly done, and just needs vocals and mixing. That one is all of us playing bass, except Mr. C drumming as usual. Basically, Mike needed more time to work on the songs.......we all wrote ditties for that one.....mine sound like sparkling honey-dipped plums, of course. Crover sings at least one on this one! This one will be a while, because Sub Pop needs six months once they get the tape to turn around and manufacture the cd, don't ask me why. Both these babies are pretty different from each other, and SURPRISE!, pretty weird! Yeah and dont worry, they "rawk" too...sorta....We even did a Cows song for the man's ruin CD, we'll see if it makes it to the final mix. You won't be disappointed....i promise.

For those of you who don't know Mike and the melvins is a project the melvins are doing with mike from godheadsilo and enemymine.

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