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"AMAZON" (Osborne) – 2:50
"AMAZON" (Osborne) – 2:53

Originally from The Maggot, 1999.


music and lyrics: King Buzzo
"Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me."
Understand that you've gotta be givin' me a
I got nothing but I'm gonna be givin' you
Expect I have forgetten, no-one
It's repeater better wanna be beatin' you
It's a call that your gonna be goin' nowhere.
music and lyrics: King Buzzo
By the time you’re natural
By the time you die
I’ll take my head and spin it for you
I’ll just look around
And I call you liar
And I call you dead
You've come and poisoned all the things 
That I once sat upon
Everybody’s hungry
Everybody’s high
We’ll sit around and ask ourselves 
If it was all a lie
And I already told you
And I already see
But you have got to know yourself 
And so I let it slide
Can we be together?
Can you hold my hand?
It takes forever for the sound 
To get around
And I already love you
And I already want
But will we all 
Just sore?