April 27, 2007

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Tel Aviv, Israel - Barby

Show Lineup



Pictures from Avshi



This was the Melvins first time playing in Israel

Download an mp3 of an interview with Dale on Israeli radio here.

Here's a short, not so good video, from the show: youtube.com/watch?v=nEqzfLbWmZ8


Well...I don't really know how to approach this; I'm not the biggest Melvins fan and the main things I have to say about yesterdays show concern the Israeli crowd, which wont interest most people here I guess. I'll try and focus on stuff that would be realavent for most people...

At the start it seemed that the venue is going to be rather empty. The crowd slowly gathered, while a selection of original movie tunes (Dr. No, Midnight Cowboy etc) was played in a loop. Porn came up about 30 minutes after they were suppose to, which isn't so bad in Israeli standarts. The combination of Tim Moss and the bass player/sound guy (who's name escapes me) caused quite a few laughs, and people said the bass player looked either like a geeky teacher or like a stock broker. Anyway, I did not know what to expect from their show - slow jams, actuall songs from albums or what...and i have no idea what I got, but it was awesome. I stood quite close to the bass amp so I didn't get enough guitar and vocals, but we were amazed by the guitar sound and by Dale's drumming. The show was short and I would have been happier if they jammed some more heavy stuff, but still just their show was worth the entire evening's ticket price (about 35$).

Big Business came up next, and I was really excited to see them live - I got to know them during the last month only, but Head for the Shallow became an instant favorit of mine. Amazing album, and the last one isn't bad, but not as good as the previous. I intended on purchasing Head for the Shallow at the show, but it cost 22$ so I'll look for it somewhere else. Jared wore a Japanese outfit, Cody looked like "Robbie Williams" as someone beside me noted. The show started out, and then things turned sour for me: A very aggressive pogo circle started just behind me, with a bunch of idiots determained to not let others enjoy the show. I don't know what's the common view on pogo here, but I generally hate it. It stopped being fun for me when I was 17, and I think it just bothers people. Just a note; that I was in plenty of shows (including ones by metal acts such as Impaled and Dillinger Escape Plan) in the US and in Europe, and the pogo circle was never as aggressive and annoying as the one yesterday. Then came my mistake: instead of just moving to another place, I started a fight with 2 fucking morons which almost ended in a few broken bones. After that I couldn't stay there, and ventured somewhere else, but my mood was totally gone. Big Business were as awesome as expected, though the kimono seemed to distract more than add anything. I think Cody's floor drum got torn, so they switched it, while Jared talked to the audience. It seemed like he thinks the Israeli crowd doesn't know English, which is wrong, but whatever. They sounded the best when Dale played with them. I couldn't believe how good of a guitarist he was, and he really added to them. They should get him or someone else to play guitar for them, I know it's "their thing" to just have bass and drums, but they just sound so much better with a guitar doubling the riffs and stuff.

The crowd still sucked in the new place I stood in, with loads of disgusting posers and yuppies who'd go to anything that has any hype around. This chick stood by me and said stuff like "They're such an important band in history", and then the dude she was talking to asks her "Do you know Houdini?" and she says "I heard OF it"...Again, it's not like I'm Mr. Melvins-fan, but the crowd in Israel is disgusting for 2 main reasons: His carelessness for other people trying to enjoy the show, lack of respect to the performing musicians and his poser attitude. Well, 3 main reasons...This was displayed excellenty when during the first song on the Melvins set, a burning cigarette was thrown on Cody, who stopped the song in the middle and said "Don't throw cigarettes on us, that's not funny, it's a bummer"...the crowd was shocked, and Buzz managed to get everyone out of the embarrasement by saying "thanks for coming though". Despite the show going on, it was obvious from that point that they're not going to give something extra-special that doesn't happen in their other shows. They didn't say anything to the crowd, not even when the show ended. We were hoping that since it's their first time here etc, they'd add a few songs to the constant set-list, but it was an hour and a half show, like I understand most shows in this tour are.

The place was jam packed, and the crowd loved the show, but it wasn't a true love affair: no one knew the words to the songs, the crowd wasn't giving enough good energy's and vibes to the band, and in return the band did do an excellent set, but it was just that: an excellent set, very impressive, but without that little extra special thing to make it spectacular. Impressive, yes, amazing - no. Just when things started to heat up, after A History of Bad Men and especially after the amazing The Bit which got everyone pumped up, the show ended. I don't see why they can't play a couple more songs, crowd favorites or not, just to keep the flow of the show.

All and all it was a good night for music, and a bad night for me. Also I was suppose to be the bands tour guide in Jerusalem for today, but they went with someone else so I'm extra bummed. A big thanks to the Melvins and their great crew for coming and giving a great show, a big fuck you to the shitty Israeli audience for not appreciating the perfomers and the fellow attenders, though eventually there were around 700+ people in the audience, including a host of Israeli rock musicians who came to see how it SHOULD be done. Wow, that came out long...Hope you survived it.

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