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Melvins/Patton Oswalt split 7"

front cover
back cover
front cover
back cover
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Boss Hoss/The Two Dumbest Cunts in the World 7" - released 2006

  • 7" Chunklet Magazine edit. 700
    • 300 on black
    • 100 on clear
    • 300 of varying colors - e.g. clear yellows, greens and blues of various shades, clear red, clear orange, marbled greens, pinks, greys, purples and blues of various shades, marbled white and solid pink - the pressing plant were asked to change the color 'as often as possible' to make the maximum number of color variations available. This has resulted in some colors appearing on as few as five records. When purchased from the Chunklet website, nine colors were available, including the black and clear vinyl: gold transparent, green transparent, purple marbled, red transparent, orange transparent, blue transparent, and solid pink.

There are two regular sleeve variants containing only minor differences, more obvious on the Patton Oswalt side of the sleeve. Examples of both sleeve variants can be found in the photographs on this page. Around 40 singles had sleeves made from Chunklet's 13th Anniversary show poster and were given to Chunklet contributors.

Boss Hoss comes from the (a) Senile Animal recording sessions, originally by The Sonics. There are two grooves on side A, the second groove plays the song backwards. See the discussion on the forum about this here.

First sold at Chunklet Magazine's 13 Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza Blowout (Day Three) on October 28, 2006 in Athens, GA. Leftovers were sold on the Chunklet Magazine Website and later dates on the Melvins Fall 2006 Tour.

B side is comedy by Patton Oswalt.

Track listing


artwork from master designer Jay Ryan of the Bird Machine

P.O. Box 2814
Athens, GA 30612-0814

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